Clueless To Designer

A Beginner’s Guide To Product Design.


Good design is what makes the difference between a product that satisfies
people’s needs and one that doesn’t. It’s the difference between a product
that forms emotional connections with people and one that doesn’t.

This is why the role of a product designer cannot be over-emphasized.
Product designers create products that meet the needs of its users through
business strategy, user experience design, user research, data analysis, and
user interface design.

In this book, I use my personal experience to take you through all the
essential things you need to get you started on an exciting journey as a
product designer who designs products that people love.

You’ll learn:

  • How to think like the best Product Designers from around the world.
  • The skills you need for a Product Design career.
  • How to strategically level up on your skills.
  • How to improve yourself as a designer through others.
  • How to develop a meaningful relationship with a mentor.
  • How to launch your product design career.

🌟🌟Includes 3 months learning curriculum.🌟🌟